The main strategic task of PushGENI in the field of international activity is integration into the world educational and scientific space, access to the international market of educational and scientific services as an equal partner.

Internationalization is an opportunity to strengthen its influence in the country and abroad through the development of strategic partnerships, the opportunity to achieve a world-famous reputation, mobilize its internal intellectual resources and form strong research teams; Expand the competence of their graduates, demanded by the global labor market in a multicultural world.

To realize this task, the following main directions of development of international activity were defined:

— Expansion of international relations with leading foreign universities in the field of educational and scientific activities;

— Implementation of the mechanisms and principles of the Bologna Process in the activities of the University;

— Increased international mobility of students, postgraduates, teachers and university staff;

— Academic exchanges of teachers and researchers (The academic exchange program assumes the student’s mastering a part of his educational program in a foreign partner university for one semester. Studying abroad, the student does not go on academic leave and continues to study with his group upon return. The results of studies at a foreign university will be translated into the assessment system, read and later included in the Supplement to the state-recognized diploma);

— Attracting foreign citizens to study at the university;

— International cooperation in the field of research and development.