Culture and Events

1. Excursion to the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory

On the eve of the August stargazing, on August 10, foreign students of PushGENI took part in a sightseeing tour of the radio telescopes of the Pushchino radio astronomy observatory.

Listeners learned about the history of the observatory, about how radio astronomers work and what they study, about how our Universe works and how radio astronomy helps to study it.  Of particular interest was the unique, most sensitive radio telescope in the BSA FIAN world, with an area of ​​more than 7 hectare.

Culture and Events

2. Acquaintance with cities of Russia

On June 30, 2018, foreign students visited the hero-city of Tula and became acquainted with the main sights of the city. The program included: a sightseeing tour of the center of Tula, a visit to the Tula Exotarium and the Tula Gingerbread Museum, where a tea party with a tasting of gingerbreads took place after the exposition was examined. The trip was organized by the Administration of the PushGeni in order to acquaint foreign students with the history and culture of Russia.

Culture and Events

Immersion of foreign students in a socio-cultural environment allows them to put into practice the knowledge they have already gained while learning Russian. Acquaintance with cities of Russia gives listeners the opportunity to communicate with native speakers.

Getting acquainted with the sights of Moscow, walking through the parks of the city of Serpukhov, students practice their language skills, enrich themselves with knowledge, which they then successfully use in communication situations. Excursions allow not only to improve the Russian language, but also to learn the history and culture of Russia, to get to know the residents of our country more closely.

Culture and Events

3. The international Day of Cake

July 20 was an interesting and still young holiday — the International Cake Day, dedicated to friendship and peace between people, countries, and nations. As a sign of the strength of the friendship between the students of the Russian language department, foreign students prepared cakes and celebrated this day with a joint tea party.

Culture and Events

4. Introduction to Russian culture

Summer is in full swing! Responsible time for applicants. The doors of PUSHGENI are open to all who are willing to devote themselves to research and work in the field of biotechnology, astronomy, etc. Waiting for PushGeni bachelors, masters, graduate students.

But no less responsible is the time of foreigners who master the Russian language in PushGenI. A lot of amazing is found on the way of foreigners. The climate is almost familiar, nature still delights. A familiarity with the traditions and culture of Russia continues all the time. One of the highlights was acquaintance with Russian culture.

A bright and fun event was the preparation of a Slavic dish called «Borsch». They cleaned, cut, were surprised all together. More than 10 people contributed to the preparation of this amazing dish. The most difficult was to be able to clearly pronounce the word borscht. Everything else was quick and easy. There were tears in the eyes associated with onions, there was a surprise from the appearance of a bright and beautiful borscht. And the soup in the plates.

Bright red borscht, seasoned with sour cream and greens, was appreciated as beautiful. Moreover, the assessment was given in Russian! Tried carefully first, then boldly asked for more. The highest estimate of total labor was the Russian word «tasty!». Borsch was eaten. But from the table did not want to leave. Played games with Russian words. We tried to understand each other in such a difficult but wonderful Russian language. And they dispersed with a great desire to cook something together and quickly master the almost mysterious Russian language, in which the children so often speak the already beloved word “well done”!

Culture and Events

5. The department of Russian language celebrated the birthdays of foreign students.

There is not so much universal for almost all countries, peoples and denominations of traditions and customs. One of these traditions is birthday celebration.

Foreign students together with the teachers of PushGENI celebrated two birthdays in July. This exciting day, each of the birthday men spent in a circle of children who came from Sri Lanka and Guinea to learn Russian. Birthdays took the first in their lives congratulations in Russian, souvenirs and gifts. Foreign listeners spoke about the traditions of celebrating a birthday in Sri Lanka, the teachers talked about Russian traditions. At the feast a truly warm, cozy, cheerful and friendly atmosphere reigned.

Culture and Events

6. Congratulations graduates Pushgeni

A ceremonial event dedicated to the graduates of 2018 was held on July 2 in PushGENI. Many guests among whom there were foreign students in the program «Russian as a foreign language» came to congratulate the graduates. As a gift, students from Sri Lanka prepared two creative issues and colorful video presentations about their country. All those gathered were able to enjoy the national dance performed by Dzheyasurii Pavitrika Amita, and the song performed by the guys in Sinhalese did not leave anyone indifferent among those gathered in the hall. And, of course, at the end of his speech, congratulatory words were spoken to the graduates in Russian.

Culture and Events

7. Walk through the sky

Perseids is a meteor shower that appears in July-August every year. It is named so because the flying «stars» arise in the region of the Perseus constellation. This starfall is considered one of the most spectacular. Starfall is an amazingly beautiful phenomenon. Flying «stars» excite the imagination, give rise to fantasy. The starry sky is beautiful on its own, and when it has a meteor shower … it’s definitely worth it to stay awake at night.

On the eve of the maximum of the August stargazing, foreign listeners visited the «Pushchinskie Perseidy» scientific and educational festival. On the night of August 11-12, students could not only observe the most abundant meteor shower, see the planet Mars and star clusters of galaxies through a telescope, but also make a wish “on a falling star,” the execution of which can change their lives.

Culture and Events

8. The Russian traditional holidays

Russian traditional holidays. On August 14, foreign listeners got acquainted with the tradition of celebrating Honey Spas. According to the annals, this holiday was already known in Constantinople in the 9th century. Since August was considered to be the hottest month of summer, which accounted for especially many infectious diseases, people tried to protect themselves and eat medicinal honey. By the way, this is where the word “saved” comes from in the name of the holiday — that is, to save yourself from diseases and ailments.

By a good tradition, the listeners were treated to freshly baked bread with honey. Apples, this is the main fruit that Russia is rich in and our ancestors respected this fruit, recognizing it as the most beneficial to health. On August 20, the aroma of apples and fresh pastries was in the Russian language department — foreign students were introduced to the tradition of celebrating “Apple Spas”. Teachers told not only about the history of the holiday, but also shared recipes for apple pies. After drinking tea together, everyone took with him the magic “Apple Spas”.

On August 29, the day of the celebration of the Orekhovo-Khlebnyi Spas national holiday, foreign listeners were introduced to the Russian custom of meeting dear guests on the threshold of the house with bread and salt. The foreigners were told about the hospitable Russian people and about the importance of offering bread and salt to the guests. They learned about the Russian oven, in which they baked round bread in Russia, to welcome guests. Were able to see the embroidered towel with the Russian name — «rushnik».

A student from Sri Lanka in a Russian costume presented a loaf to everyone present and invited her to a tea party. Having plunged into the Russian tradition, everyone tried with interest bread and salt and drank tea with jam made by teachers from a samovar. On this day, everyone did not want to leave for a long time. And the tradition of Russian hospitality strengthened friendly relations between students of different nationalities and teachers.

Culture and Events