Town of sciences

Town of sciences

The town of Pushchino, Moscow Region, was founded in 1966 and represents a small town with a city-forming research and production complex — the Pushchino Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The population of the city is 23 thousand people, mainly employees of profile research institutes, universities and infrastructure workers.

The city is located in the southern part of the Moscow region, on the right bank of the Oka River, 120 km south of Moscow. This is the highest point of the Old Russian Plain, which offers magnificent views of the natural landscape, picturesque Prioksky slopes, and the unique charm of green spaces.

Naukograd Pushchino is an ecological pearl of Russia, a favorite place for filming of films by famous filmmakers.

Town of sciences

Opposite to Pushchino, on the left bank of the Oka is the Prioksko-Terrasny state natural biosphere reserve — a powerful source of oxygen ( — an islet of wild nature in the most densely populated region of Russia.

The area of about 5 thousand hectares is inhabited by 143 species of birds and 57 species of wild mammals. The main attraction of the reserve is a bison — a wild forest bull, the largest ungulate animal in Europe, a contemporary of a mammoth, which recently stood on the brink of extinction.

Pushchino has the status of science city of the Russian Federation (Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 27, 2017, No. 751 «On the Preservation of the Status of the City of Science of the Russian Federation for Pushchino, Moscow Region).

In the science city of Pushchino, a favorable, safe and comfortable environment has been formed for students to stay and study.

Medical service.

In connection with the biotechnological focus in the science city, a modern diagnostic medical base has been formed, which our students can use for free. The Pushchino Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences ( provides all types of medical activities from primary pre-hospital care to rehabilitation, providing both planned and emergency inpatient and out-patient polyclinic medical care. Doctors of the Hospital Pushchino Sciences Center RAS for more than 20 years are actively involved in research work in conjunction with scientists from scientific institutions in the city of Pushchino. In 2016, licensing and accreditation were obtained for all four phases of clinical trials of medicines and medical equipment.

Town of sciences

 Center for Cultural Development «Vertical» (

Center for Cultural Development «Vertical» is actively working in the field of culture and working with young people in the city. On the basis of the institution there are two dozen clubs and studios for interests. MBUK CTC «Vertical» is the organizer of most of the city holidays and public events. In the Center for Cultural Development active project work is carried out, during the year the clubs hold large youth event events that gather hundreds of participants from various regions of Russia.

The center includes the Cultural and Leisure Center «Molodost».

Together with the Center for Cultural Development of the Science City of PushchGENI, a unified plan of events for the academic year has been formed, which includes cultural-mass, patriotic, cognitive, interactive events, in particular: Day of the Freshman, Graduate’s Day, University Day, Tatyana’s Day, Science Day, as well as in the volunteer movement and other events.

In the city, the «International Friendship Club» functions, in which the days of culture and traditions of the peoples of the world are held every month with the participation of representatives of various countries from among those enrolled in the university.

 4 km south of the city is the airfield «Bolshoy Gryzlovo» («Pushchino»), where you can fly on airplanes, hang-gliders and helicopters, and also jump with a parachute.

Town of sciences

Sport Center «OKA»

New, modern, meeting all the necessary requirements, the Palace of Sport is designed for multi-use. It is equipped with a large hall for carrying out not only sports and concert-entertainment events. The sports base is equipped with modern sports and technical equipment, as well as a microclimate system and multi-stage deep water treatment in the pool. On the territory of the Sports Palace there is a playground for basketball, volleyball and other outdoor sports. In the winter, the playground functions as an ice rink for the mass skating of the townspeople.

Town of sciences