Rector’s page

Rector's page

Dulasova Marina Vedeneevna


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Dear applicants!

If the first scientific discoveries were the foundation for the emergence of separate scientific directions such as physics, chemistry, biology and other sciences, now the main discoveries and achievements arise at the interface, the union of different scientific directions.  Science today is interdisciplinary and the main difference between studies in PushGENI is that all programs and areas of study are also focused on the interdisciplinary training of graduates.

One of the features and at the same time the advantage of the university, subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, is the training of research specialists for research institutes and the advanced training of specialists for high-tech biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries operating and under construction according to curricula containing the latest knowledge and practices in the field of biotechnology involving leading  scientists of the country and the use of a unique research laboratory laboratory research institutes of the Russian Akademy Sciences.

And it is not surprising that the demand for graduates of PushGENI is high.

PushGENI is waiting for everyone who is ready to devote himself to scientific and clinical research, as well as practical work in the field of modern biotechnology, digital biology, biosafety, bioeconomics, biomedicine, biopharmaceutics, biophysics, bioecology, etc.

Rector, Professor Dulasova Marina Vedeneevna